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Click LVT has been the most popular floating floor in the Luxury Vinyl Floor category in the past 4 years. We have been working with Unilin Patent Technologies in 2011. This product is very easy to install requiring minimal tools, and is most suitable for small area applications. We have invested in two Homag profiling machines to ensure profiling accuracy. The product thickness ranges from 3.2mm to 7mm. Please contact us for more information.


Product Category Thickness Size
Interlock LVT (Uniclic) 3.2mm 5.75"x35.75" 146.1mm x 908.1mm
4.0mm 11.75"x35.75" 298.5mm x 908.1mm
5.0mm 5.75"x47.75" 146.1mm x 1212.9mm
  5.91"x48.62" 150mm x 1235mm
  7"x47.75" 177.8mm x 1212.9mm
  8.75"x47.75" 222.3mm x 1212.9mm
  11.75"x47.75" 298.5mm x 1212.9mm
  8.75"x59.75" 222.3mm x 1517.7mm
  11.75"x23.75" 298.5mm x 603.3mm
  11.75"x17.75" 298.5mm x 450.9mm
  17.75"x17.75" 450.9mm x 450.9mm
  17.75"x23.75" 450.9mm x 603.3mm
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