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Test standards

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Factory Test Items Factory Standards Testing Method
Flaw, Crack, Wrinkle, Hold, Separating Not Allowed GB4085-83
Color Difference Two Tones Allowed GB4085-83
Dirt, Color Change Not Easily Noticeable GB4085-83
Length Measurement ± 0.1mm(≤6")
± 0.3mm(12" ~ 24")
± 0.5mm(≥36")
Overall Thickness ± 0.15mm EN428
Squareness ≤0.25mm EN427
Straightness ≤0.25mm EN427
Physical Statistics
Dimensional Stability to Heat ≤0.12%
(80℃, 6Hrs)
Curling After Exposure To Heat ≤1.2mm
(80℃, 6Hrs)
Wear Resistance ≤0.015g EN-660-2
Peel Resistance ≥2.8Kgf/2cm EN431
Residual Indentation After Static Loading ≤0.1mm EN434
Flexibility No Damage EN435
All products comply to EN 14041:2004 Safety Standards
Product Specifications Standard Testing Method
Reaction to Fire Class Bf1-s1 EN717-1
Formaldehyde Emission Not Detected EN717-1
Slip Resistance Class DS EN13893
Determination of migration of heavy metals Not Detected EN71
Effect of a caster chair Pass EN425
Color Fastness to Light Grade(Blue Wool Std):6 EN ISO 105 B02