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RigidLite LVT

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RigidLite LVT is a combined product using our Rigid Core LVT layer and WPC core. With our Rigid core LVT top layer, RigidLite LVT has better residual indentation feature than the regular WPC products. It is lighter than the Rigid Core LVT with the same thickness, thus lower freight cost. It does not telegraph so it can also be used on less than perfect subfloors like ceramic tile floors with grout lines. IXPE underlayment and MultiFit are applicable to all RigidLite products. Please contact us for more information.

Thickness Size(Inch) Size(mm)
5.5mm 5.77"×48.62" 146.5mm×1235mm
5.8mm 5.79"×48.62" 147mm×1235mm
6.0mm 7.05"×48.62" 179mm×1235mm
6.3mm 8.95"×48.62" 227.3mm×1235mm
6.5mm 6.98"×59.06" 177.4mm×1500mm
6.8mm 8.95"×60" 227.3mm×1524mm