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This is the true ZERO curling product in the Luxury Vinyl Floor category and it has the best sound insulation performance. This product is very easy to install with little or no tool, and is most suitable for small area applications. You can either simply lay them down, or glue them down for even better performance. It provides extra soft feeling underfoot. Please contact us for more information.

Product Category Thickness Size
4.0mm 3"×48" 76.2mm×1219.2mm
4.5mm 4"×12" 101.6mm×304.8mm
5.0mm 4"×36" 101.6mm×914.4mm
6"×36" 152.4mm×914.4mm
6"×48" 152.4mm×1219.2mm
6.18"×37.09" 157mm×942mm
6.18"×48.9" 157mm×1242mm
7.09"×47.24" 180mm×1200mm
7.25"×48" 184.2mm×1219.2mm
7.32"×37.01" 186mm×940mm
9"×48" 228.6mm×1219.2mm
9"×60" 228.6mm×1524mm
12"×18" 304.8mm×457.2mm
12"×24" 304.8mm×609.6mm
12"×36" 304.8mm×914.4mm
12"×48" 304.8mm×1219.2mm
18"×18" 457.2mm×457.2mm
18"×24" 457.2mm×609.6mm
18"×36" 457.2mm×914.4mm
36"×36" 914.4mm×914.4mm
36"×48" 914.4mm×1219.2mm