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Dryback LVT

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Also known as glue down product, Dry back LVT is the most reliable and affordable product in the Luxury Vinyl Floor category. It is also the best choice for big area applications. Our dry back product length ranges from 18” to 72”. Choice of round edge is applicable for products with wear layer 0.30mm or below. Round edge can bring you the realistic edge look of engineered floors. Choice of bevel edge is also applicable for products with wear layer 0.30mm or above. Please contact us for more information.

Thickness Size(Inch) Size(mm)
2.0mm 3"×48" 76.2mm×1219.2mm
2.5mm 4"×12" 101.6mm×304.8mm
3.0mm 4"×36" 101.6mm×914.4mm
  6"×36" 152.4mm×914.4mm
  6"×48" 152.4mm×1219.2mm
  6.18"×37.09" 157mm×942mm
  6.18"×48.9" 157mm×1242mm
  7.09"×47.24" 180mm×1200mm
  7.25"×48" 184.2mm×1219.2mm
  7.32"×37.01" 186mm×940mm
  9"×48" 228.6mm×1219.2mm
  9"×60" 228.6mm×1524mm
  12"×18" 304.8mm×457.2mm
  12"×24" 304.8mm×609.6mm
  12"×36" 304.8mm×914.4mm
  12"×48" 304.8mm×1219.2mm
  18"×18" 457.2mm×457.2mm
  18"×24" 457.2mm×609.6mm
  18"×36" 457.2mm×914.4mm
  36"×36" 914.4mm×914.4mm
  36"×48" 914.4mm×1219.2mm